Saturday, February 20, 2010

crosspost-donations needed

For anyone in AL I'm sure you have heard the very sick and disturbing news of the Pell City man dragging his dog on a chain from the back of his truck... to train him and teach him a lesson from what he says. Regardless, we can only pray justice is served but in the meantime, Trooper (the dog) needs our help!! He is recovering from his injuries but him and another dog that the man owned, Cornbread, have both tested hw positive, so donations are terribly needed.

Here is the story: man_charged_ in_dragging_ dog_behind_ vehicle_in_ pell_city/ 131548/

This is the message from the St. Clair County Shelter that a friend received:

You can either mail a donation to the shelter (and specifically say it's for Trooper):

1071 Airport Road
Pell City, Alabama 35128

Or you can do it on our website on paypal: and click on the PayPal button (this lets you use a credit card)

Thank you so much for your offer to help! In addition to what you heard on TV, Trooper (and Cornbread, the other dog from the man's property) have both tested Heartworm Positive, so they'll have to go through heartworm treatment.

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Alison Potts Shirley
Devoted & Passionate Dog Rescuer

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