Thursday, February 18, 2010

crosspost-please see post for contact info ON EUTH LIST

Brooklyn ACC

A847129 Busta- 2 years old- male- 55 pounds- surrender because of cost- URI since 2/13

** on the euth list for 2/19 at 8 AM**

Safer Test Moderate

Stare:2.Doesn't settle into handlers hands body is still

Sensitivity:3.Quickly turns towards touch ears back still body

Tag:4.Turns towards handler mouth open tail above spine

Pinch:2.Quickly pulls out


Food Aggression:1.Allows head to be pushed away

Toy Aggression:1.No interest

Rawhide Aggression:1.settles close 2 chew allows handler to remove

Dog to Dog:1.Approaches to investigate and turns away

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