Saturday, February 27, 2010


Goldy was rescued from Culpeper, VA Animal Services almost 1 month ago. She was fostered for 2 weeks by a wonderful family with whom she bonded well and fell in love. She got along great with the whole family, dogs, cat, kids, mother and father.

Due to medical reasons, they could only keep her for 2 weeks. I picked her up in VA and drove her back to Charlotte, NC where a forever family was going to adopt her when they got back from their vacation.

Because Goldy needs socialization around other dogs and is dog aggressive, I could not keep her in my home while we waited for her family to come back from vacation. As such, she was boarded by 10 days and spayed during that time as well.

Upon returning from their vacation, her forever family picked her up on Thurs, 25Feb and by the morning of Fri, 26Feb, they had returned her back to the boarding facility. Apparently, Goldy bonded extremely well with the wife and small children (3 & 5 yrs old), but felt threatened and was very insecure around the father. As such, she acted out with aggression towards him and that was the deal breaker for this family.

She is scared, threatened and unsure.

There have been numerous people, multiple dogs and other animals, painful medical procedures, more people and more houses and kennels, road trips, different environments and multiple schedules for her to digest -- all within a short month.

She was picked up as a stray I believe at the onset of all of these experiences. We don't know her experiences prior to the animal shelter or for how long she was dependent upon only her resources. My pets would be neurotic experiencing all the changes Goldie has. I suppose there are only two ways for her to act out; to be aggressive and fight for survival or to cower with fear. I feel it comes down to safety and trust issues for her. She is feeling very vulnerable and frightened.

She has such potential, she is very loving and obviously WANTS to be loved, at this point, she has been bounced around so much and noone has given her a chance that she doesn't know up from down.

I desperately need help with two things.. 1. covering the cost of her boading until I can find a more suitable rescue/foster home for her and 2. finding a foster that has the time, patience and energy to work with this sweet girl... someone who will give her a chance, 24 hours is NOT enough time for her to settle in to her new environment and begin to feel safe and secure... Please help me with these 2 things, I am out of options for her.

Here is the chipin link any amount will help and I sincerely appreciate it!

I can be reached at 704-953-9563 or

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