Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Please consider foster or adoption!

Sweet, abandoned brindle beauty YAEL has so little time - 1 yr, 53lbs
A foster or adopter is needed to save this sweet shy little girl, barely out of puppyhood and already so scared and sad. Apply to foster at (or to adopt at Please hurry, she has only days-- maybe hours.

Lovely Yael is a 1 yo female found abandoned in an empty apartment with her 2 siblings on 2/16/2010 (so we know she is GOOD WITH DOGS!). She appears healthy and weights 53lbs. Yael seems to be a mix between a Hound, a Shepherd and a Pit. Her fur is long and silky and of a dark exotic brindle color. Her eyes are very soulful. Yael is the shyest of the 3 siblings. On our first outing yesterday, all what she wanted to do is to hide under the benches but little by little , she got hold of herself and ended up in my arms giving kisses. On the street, she walked the Indian walk, tentative and careful . She does appear housebroken. She did not seem very interested at this point in other dogs met but we know that she has coexisted with 2 other females and that none of them bare any scars. Yael needs a little bit more time and given a chance will transform into a wonderful pet.

We are a rescue group who would like to HELP Yael. She is in the city shelter with very little time left to live, because there is so little space. Brindle dogs are often passed over in their kennels-- please give thios outstansing, shy brindle beauty the chance of a lifetime:

Apply online:

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