Saturday, February 20, 2010

Polly needs a home!

Meet Polly, affectionately known as "Podey" and "Po-Po" by her foster mom. Polly is a 1 year old, 45lb, spayed pit bull/pointer mix. She is current on all vaccinations and is heartworm negative. As a young pup, Polly was shot in the leg, suffering an injury from a small caliber bullet. Since then, her wrist joint has fused, meaning she will not need any surgery or treatment for her injury, though she will always have some weakness in that side just from lost muscle mass as a result of the injury. She is on a joint supplement which is an inexpensive way to make her more comfortable. Polly runs and plays like any other dog, but after a particularly good run, expect her to lean on you for support! Her favorite activity is tug of war with her foster-sister, another young dog. Home environment: Polly is 100% house trained and crate trained and wonderful with other dogs, but may need a home without senior pets, due to her activity level. Cats excite her, but she has no aggression towards them, merely curiosity, so a home with well behaving cats that are used to dogs would be fine for her. She is also good with children, but may be too active for infants and toddlers. While Polly would do well as an only pet, she would love a playmate to complete her family. She loves to give hugs and kisses and be the center of your attention. She needs to be kept busy while in a crate or being left alone because she misses you ooooh so much when you leave and will find a way to occupy herself if you don't provide her one! She has been trained to sit and lay down, but still needs help learning new tricks. On a leash, Polly likes to be the leader and will need a patient hand to teach her more; a harness is recommended for her while leash training to prevent any discomfort or injury from a common collar. I have had Polly in my home for 5 months and have watched her bring out the best in everyone and every pet she's ever met; cats who were scared of dogs came to love her, dogs who were aggressive towards other dogs made her their best friend, and people who have never really cared for dogs have fallen in love with her. She carries a peace with her that is so calming. After what she went through at such a young age, to see her shine like she does is a testament to the joy dogs experience by being loved by a human. If you are interested in welcoming Polly into your home, please email for any other information and to request an adoption application. Adopters for Polly must live within one hour of Greenville, SC and a home visit (and meet and greet with other family pets) will be scheduled.

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