Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to a dog in my car!

Hello and welcome to the a dog in my car blog! My name is Christine as most readers probably know. I have started this blog in the hopes that I can have a 1 stop place for helping to rescue dogs by posting available dogs, reputable rescues, transportation assistance, educational information all in an unbiased manor.

My family and I rescued a dog after I had done extensive research and we are now on a journey to help as many helpless dogs as we can. The loyalty and love a rescued dog shows you is not something you can understand unless you have experienced it yourself. Our dog, Alex, has changed all of our lives in such a positive and loving way and I hope that in all of our own little ways we can also help good dogs find good owners and prevent the horribleness and death that so many dogs experience in their lives. We own four dogs and have spent many hours volunteering to help many different kinds of dogs in any way we can. We have recently helped to transport a dog to a wonderful rescue and it was one of the most emotional situations I have dealt with, hence the blogs name A Dog in my car. This particular dog is an american bulldog mix named Gorilla who was saved by a wonderful rescue and transported from Iowa to Connecticut over a span of 2 days, we met him at the end of his journey and spent just 2 hours with him but he was so sweet and loved us instantly. It was then that I realized that all the small things DO matter and every dog you or I can save is a life. These dogs come from all different situations and will love the first person that looks at them, they are so forgiving of humans it is inspiring. I have personally gotten a lot of negative reactions from strangers, friends, and family about all these "little" things I do to help but I will continue to do my very best for all of these helpless dogs because if I don't, who will?

I am so very thankful for everyone that is supportive of my efforts and for those that put forth a much greater effort than I. I hope that A dog in my car is helpful to all it's readers and if at any time I can be of assistance in rescuing, placing, transporting, or offering education on a dog please do not hesitate to contact me at

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