Monday, March 29, 2010

crosspost, please see post for contact info

These three beautiful American Bulldogs have been abandoned ath the shelter. They are really stunning beauties! There are two female and one male. This is a high kill shelter that usually doesnt adopt out many bull dog breeds. They really need to be rescued so they don't get into the wrong hands. They are pure white with a little tan on the females ears. Please crosspost these babies before it's to late. This shelter does have a high 60% Euthanization rate and though they are beautiful, they are not easily adopted. This is not a large city such as Atlanta and we need some extra help to get these sweet babies out alive!

Please crosspost to your bully friends:)

Thank You
Contact the Warner Robins Animal Control at 478-929-7290

They euthanize on Thursdays but maybe sooner with spring bringing all the young pups in:(

White Diamond #580
I am a sweet boy, that needs a forever home:(

Female #559
I am a SWEET GIRL, PLEASE COME GET ME OUT:(My name is Sasha, please help me out of this shelter. I am sooooo sweet.

I am #572 and my name is Grace. Please come rescue me!I am a good girl!

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