Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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BARCS animal shelter has a pregnant beagle (she might be a mix with another breed as well) that needs to find a rescue ASAP! This poor girl isn’t going up for adoption being that she bit a child in her past home. The past owners didn’t know that the dog was pregnant though? We aren’t sure on the full story because when we tried to contact the owner they made it very difficult and said they would call back….then never called back
The story is that the child in the household went near the dog and the dog snapped and bit him. We aren’t sure if the bite occurred because of hormone changes or teasing in the household? That being said we need to get her out of here and into a safe quiet spot so she can have her babies, and so she isn’t euthanized. It seems like they surrendered their other dog at the same time. This dog did not bite anyone though. If you or any other rescue you may know can take this poor pooch…please let me know. Thanks.

Name: Tee Tee

Breed: Beagle mix

Age: 2 yrs old

Spayed: no she is pregnant

Sex: female

Temperament: very friendly. The staff has no had one issue with her. She is in the bite quarantine room and it is very loud and she is starting to get pretty scared.

This dog can not leave until her bite quarantine is up on the 30th. BARCS HAS MANY OTHER DOGS IN NEED OF RESCUE AS WELL. We are completely out of space!

Kat Knauff
Adoption Counselor
Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter

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