Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scarlet still needs a home, crosspost if you can't help any other way!!


This is about our beloved dog Scarlet. She is a Australian Cattle dog/Pit Bull mix. We have had her for six years, and she has been such a great dog. Just yesterday our dog got aggressive towards our 9 month old daughter because of some food, and tried to bite her, so we are now looking for a new home for her. Scarlet has shown some aggression towards other dogs and animals, but never to a human until yesterday. She has been around a lot of adults, but we now know she does not do well with children. So she needs a home with no other pets or children. She has a lot of energy, and would love to have an owner than could spend lots of time walking/running with her. She needs someone who will really care for her!

She has a strong personality, that is very loveable. She is spayed, is up to date on her rabies, about 55 lbs, We attempted to take her to the SW Washington Humane society, but all they could offer was euthnization, because of the breed. We do believe that this is not necessary, and we want to avoid it at all costs. We love our dog very much, and would love to know she is in a very happy situation!

We have tried to take her to SW Washington and Oregon humane societies, and they said they could not take a pit bull who has had any incidences of aggression towards humans. We have never been fearful of our dog. She has never, in six years tried to bite us. We think she not sure that our baby is a person. We are very very very sad about this, and just want her to have a happy, safe home!

Location: Vancouver, WA near Portland OR

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