Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jerry's Rescue in Pulaski, TN is CLOSING - 60 Dogs Homeless at the End of May

Due to recent events Jerry's Rescues ( is being forced to close down. Please consider all dogs on the available pet list as needing urgent placement! They have about 60 dogs that need to be placed by the end of May 2010...mostly big dogs.

From Liz who runs the rescue:

On March 8, 2010, after working for the same company since October 1984, I was informed that my position had been eliminated...which actually is not the whole truth. It was eliminated in the US...and given to a person in China or India. After May 7, 2010, I will no longer receive a paycheck. This means that Jerry's Rescues cannot continue to function as my paycheck funded the rescue. I will be selling my home and moving...somewhere...don't
know where yet, but I cannot afford to stay in my current home. We have been actively sending dogs (mostly small/medium size dogs) to other rescues since August 2009 due to a significant reduction in my salary, but have had very little response helping to place large dogs. We would greatly appreciate any help placing the big dogs, as the only other alternative is not one we would like to happen.

We have NO prospects for the remaining 60 dogs. I am beginning to become very concerned for the remaining dogs. We have not had much response (some, but not much) offering to help our dogs. I will not be able to afford to feed them once I no longer am receiving a paycheck and only receiving early retirement benefits beginning 6/1/10. I also won’t be able to afford my current residence and must find a cheaper place to live. I am not concerned for myself or my own personal dogs, I will somehow get by with them…I am concerned for the other rescue dogs here. After having rescued them and kept them in hopes of finding a forever home, it appears their chances are growing dim…and that my heart is breaking. These dogs have a deadline just as if they were in a shelter…except the reason is that I simply cannot afford to feed them past the end of May. I won’t even be able to afford to have them euthanized ($25 per dog)…I just don’t know what to do! These are indeed dark days, and seem to be getting darker.

I understand that the economy has a lot of people down, but I am hoping if just 60 people (out of how many million?!) in the whole United States could take just ONE dog…all of them could be saved. Yeah, I know…wishful thinking….but I have never been one to give up easily! Since I am not working, I am willing to transport a fair distance…as long as the receiving rescue or adopter is willing to pay for my gas.

We deeply appreciate and thank those that have already stepped up to help our dogs. We also would like to thank those in advance for considering helping our dogs!

Please take a look at our pet list here and see if there are any dogs your organization could take into rescue or might know of someone who would adopt one of our dogs:


  1. I just don't understand this.....I tried contacting them because my rescue was going to help pull some of the animals and get them placed...and no response! And their petfinder website is down so i can't even get an update. i did donate some money...but if she is so desperate, why the lack of response???

  2. Jerry's Rescues
    Pulaski TN 38478
    I got off of her petfinder site, it may have been down temporarily? It is shocking when you are reaching out to help and don't get a response. Maybe she has a good reason but regardless it is really these dogs that need help, I hope she gets back to you and maybe you can try calling if you are still able to pull some dogs.

  3. Heather, please try again. They are desperate to get the remaining dogs placed.