Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reese still needs a home!!!

Foster mom has lost her job and is trying to make ends meet, Reese is still looking for a forever home. Please consider reposting for Reese to help her get a forever home and help take the strain off of these good hearted people. For the time being, Petco and Petsmart gift cards are welcomed with open arms. If you feel you can help this family please use the contact info included at the end of this posting.

As noted by Reese's foster mom:

Reese was used as a breeder by a guy who had WAY too many dogs. I received an email about her because he was giving away a lot of his dogs outside of a bar at closing time before the city came and fined him. A woman took her and emailed me the next day. Before we could pick her up, she escaped the woman's house and was picked up by animal control.

We went to the shelter and took her out of there. She was very skinny, had a lot of scarring and a huge infection in one of her knees from what we think was a spider bite. Her ears had been cropped right next to her head. We took her to a vet to get the infection cleared up and get her spayed. It was a bit of a battle but the infection finally went away.

She is amazing with cats and has actually bonded with a cat that we are fostering as well. She pretty much ignores the cats who actually live in our home, but loves to play and cuddle with the foster cat. ... See More

She HAS dog aggression issues and needs attention due to separation anxiety.

We don't have our own kids but any time she has had a chance to meet some she has been super calm.

She bonds best with men for some reason buy seems to love just about anyone human. She sits, stays, begs, and comes on command. She walks without pulling on the leash and absolutely LOVES to cuddle and lay on people's laps.

She's a great dog and we've fallen HARD for her but we're fighting to keep our own family and our animals fed right now.

We are located in Wichita Falls Texas and we are asking a $150 rehoming fee for her. A LOT than that has been spent on her care but we just want to make sure the person who gets her will truly care for her.

If a home visit is not going to be an option there WILL be references from vets or other professionals needed.

Contact info:

Phone number is 940-716-3918 and my email address is

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  1. Hi there! This is Reese's foster Mom. We have dropped her adoption fee to $100. We looked at other sites and what their rehoming fees are and thought that $150 was a bit much although she's worth every penny.

    The phone number got switched somehow. Our phone number is 940-716-9318

    Hope someone falls in love with this sweet girl as much as we have.