Thursday, November 4, 2010

Consider opening your home and heart to foster a dog in need!

Fostering is an incredible experience for both humans and dogs, if you have space in your home and heart please consider fostering a homeless pit bull!

Why foster a pit bull:

*pit bulls are the most bred dog in the US and the hardest to find homes for

*it is estimated that 1 million dogs classified as a pit bull are euthanized each year

*Animal control facilities in cities all across the US have pit bulls numbering 40 to 60% of the shelter population at any given time

*the best chance a pit bull has at survival once claimed or surrendered to an animal control facility is by being pulled by a rescue, rescues survive with foster homes!!!!

*for every 1 pit bull placed in a foster or furever home 599 are killed, that includes dogs of all ages.. yes puppies too.


If you would be interested in opening your home to a homeless pit bull in the Northeast US please email for more info!
If you are interested in information on a rescue near you, outside of the Northeast United States, feel free to email me at for information on finding a reputable rescue!

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