Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Princess Mim is a friendly, 80 lb “almost-senior” beauty who is about 6-8 yrs young. She looks to be a blend of mastiff, boxer and terrier and is a magnificent red brindle with white accents, and has the most wonderful “I love to be with you” personality. She is good with children. Mim is a mature girl who needs to find a home with loving people who will be sure to spoil her after the rough patch of luck she has recently gone through.

Mim’s story is a sad one. In her prior life, we are told that her family lost their home to a foreclosure and turned her into the pound when they could no longer care for her. She was also (quite apparently) used to breed many times over - obviously a testament to her physical beauty as much as her wonderful personality. We feel that, based on the calluses on her legs, she also spent a lot of time crated and we would love to see her with a person or family that will make her an important part of their family and will give her the time she needs to be the naturally happy personality that she has shown to us.

Mim is so fun to play with and she LOVES her toys – all kinds. She runs around “play bowing” and enjoys playing “keep away” with her friends. It's fun to see a dog that is so joyous about life and we mist up thinking how close she came to never being able to play again or be loved again, as when we pulled her out of the shelter she was scheduled to be euthanized for lack of space. How sad and what a waste that would have been.

Prior to coming into rescue, the shelter that had Mim noted this about her: “PRINCESS MIM has an outstanding profile: good on the leash, housebroken and even good with dogs and cats However despite being so depressed to be at the shelter, she has been friendly to everyone she meets.... she clearly knows basic commands that she executes readily. She is gentle with her caretaker and sat with her on the bench, very close. She clearly misses her owner and her home. PLEASE SAVE THIS PRINCESS AND GIVE HER THE CASTLE SHE DESERVES!!”

We agree with some of the above, however, while we feel that Mim would do fine as an only dog or in a home with friendly dogs, we do NOT recommend a home with cats as she is now showing a tendency to chase. We also prefer a home with older children as Mim is a big girl (and sometimes a bit on the clumsy side) and could easily knock a child over.
She is housebroken and has lovely manners. Princess Mim is up-to-date with routine shots. Her blood panel came back perfect! Her spay is scheduled for March 3, 2010.

Please contact us if you can offer this sweet big girl a forever home in her retirement years!

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