Thursday, February 18, 2010

crosspost-please see post for contact info for this pretty gal!

Please add this to your DNA List. Crosspost to all.. Thank you..Hope

Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 9:13 AM

Sweet Violet lived her life in a 10x10 pen in the sun w/dog house at an auto mechanic's garage. She slept in bed with family till she was 5 months old, then was put outside!!! She was DUMPED so owner could get 2 Red Tick Hound dawgs for hunting who now live in Violet's old pen together. When rescue took Violet in, she had fleas, ticks, ear infections, intestinal infections, and had at least 1 litter of pups!

She is not aggressive to other dogs as they are new to her. She loves humans big time and loves children. Her temp foster home in SC (with children) said Violet has a small dog she loves to play with. She rarely barks, does have energy, and dances around like Snoopy in the comic strips when she gets love and kisses. Sometimes she growls at the food bowl so we imagine she missed a few meals.

She weighs about 42 pounds, 3 yrs old, loves children, is ok w/some dogs, hw neg, spayed & UTD. sponsored (already done), Free transport to NJ/PHL area. She deserves a 2nd chance; her heart is full of love! She is a good girl!! Any and all help appreciated.

Pat has saved Violet's life but now Violet needs a loving home!!! Violet is currently in SC but Pat will transport Violet to YOU as Pat is bringing Violet to the NJ/Phila. area!
Contact Pat at (@ yahoo. com) OR Pat 609-513-7576

Humane Network, Inc. in SC.

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