Thursday, February 18, 2010

please see post for contact info-this pair needs foster ASAP

Ok everyone.... I need your help. These 2 pitty mixes were going to be euthanized last week at the Greenville SC shelter. I had some other dogs coming to me from that same pound and they begged me to take them. I did find a foster home that said they would take them both. The dogs had 2 hours left before their were PTS due to lack of space. I quickly emailed the shelter and told them to stop, and I will pull them.
Well the next day... I couldnt get a hold of the fosters anymore, they stopped talking to me, and then I find out they went out and got their "own" dog and arent interested in fostering anymore! They had to have someone else tell me! Nice huh? Agh I am not happy. Thats the hardest part in rescue, is counting on your fosters to follow through!
These 2 are coming here THIS Sunday! They are very sweet and best friends. They were found running through a national forest together as strays and were VERY skinny. They went to a rescue/shelter place from what I was told, then there time was up there and they hadnt got adopted so they sent them to the Greenville shelter in hopes that would give them a second chance. Many people in SC know these dog's story and have followed them for a long time in their progress. MANY people emailed me telling me how thankful they were that I saved their life.
Everyone wants to these best friends to stay together. So... Im asking for your help. They are fully vetted and can go to another rescue if I can find one. I will surrender them over. I have been looking for a different foster all week and can't seem to find one in the area. :( Im devastated about it and feel like I have failed them.
If you can PLEASE help me with these 2 I would appreciate it sooo much. I have no where for them to go! I dont know what Im going to do. Please feel free to email any rescues in MN or anyone you think might be able to help.
Here is their info: (they are both 70+ pounds! Not sure if this is because they are over weight, or mixed with a bigger sized breed)

NAME: Buddha (Mostly black with some white)
BREED: Boxer Mix
SEX: Male
AGE: 3 years
WEIGHT: 75 lbs

NAME: Kaiah (mostly white with some black)
BREED: Boxer Mix
SEX: Female
AGE: 5 years
WEIGHT: 70 lbs

PLEASE email me at they arrive in MN this Sunday if transport goes as planned. Thank you!!!
Azure Davis w/ K.A.R.E Rescue, Buddha and Kaiah :)

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