Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet female pitty in Trucksville PA needs home! Please CROSSPOST!

Kayla is a sweet fawn colored female pitbull, she is about 4 yrs old and 45 lbs, owner has moved back in with her parents and must find a new home for her.

A bit of  info I summarized from her owner: She is friendly with most dogs. She is great with kids and babies. She is leash trained/crate trained, but really doesn't need it because she doesn't run. She just wants love and companionship. She is food dominant around other dogs but should be ok if well supervised or fed in separate areas. The dominance is strictly with other animals. Kayla loves to run and ideally should be somewhere she could run around.  She recently had a pinched nerve in her back which cause her left leg go limp. She was taken to the ER vet and was out on a steroid and is almost completely recoverd. This is nothing genetic just something that can happen to any dog. If I had my own home I would not be getting rid of Kayla.

Contact either myself at or her owner, Nicole directly at 813-283-8519 or email me

Here is one pic.. I will send more, if she has them. What a sweetheart.


  1. My post is a little confusing...Kayla likes to run around but does not need to be on a leash because she will not run away....She wants to be by my side everywhere I go. She is truly a great companion.

  2. that was how I took it. :) Although leash laws should be obeyed as well, but I do understand what you are saying.