Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NYC URGENT! 6 MONTH OLD rednose pittie puppy could be euthed any day..has a COLD! PLS REPOST!!

My contact info: emily@louieslegacy.org, emily@ louieslegacy.org

Please help network EJ, a gorgeous rednose pit puppy who never had a chance. Another adoptable dog who doesn't need to die.

Thank you,

Louie's Legacy


6 MONTH OLD rednose pittie puppy could be euthed any day - has a COLD.

Ej is a sweet, beautiful, 30 lb energetic pittie pup and we have no idea how he's been at the shelter long enough to get sick. He's drop dead gorgeous but an active puppy, as you'd imagine.

A VOLUNTEER WRITES EJ's owner left him with a friend and never came back for him. Poor pup--he wants to get out of his cage and explore the world (and lap up the attention) so much! As any 6-month-old is, EJ is ridiculously cute and filled with tons of energy (he'll need some leash training) but nothing that a bit of exercise won't fix. This is one crazy cuddler, and it's a shame that his desire to give affection is being wasted in a cage at the shelter. The woman who surrendered him said he was very friendly and loved women, men, kids, and other dogs. What more can you ask of a dog?

We do NOT know how he will be with cats and probably no small kids would be best for now, until we know him better--- please, if you can help, apply to foster at www.louieslegacy.org/foster ASAP! EJ has KENNEL COUGH, a minor but highly contagious respiratory infection--- please make sure your dogs are VACCINATED and that you can separate him from them!

Thank you so much for wanting to help an urgent puppy

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