Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wally needs a home...AGAIN!

♥ Wally ♥
I am going to trust and have faith in the higher powers that be, that there is a reason and a plan for poor Wally in all of his recent hardships he continues to endure. Wallace's adoptive home did not work out, and suffice to say I am just one of they many that are deeply saddened ...but even more determined to get this boy where he needs to go. There has to be a method to all of this madness!

Below is BBR's plea to re-network Wally for a new home, and so that's what we will do,
"Operation Wally = HOME!"

Wonderful Wallace found a home, after having an awful life. He was being spoiled and loved, but was having a hard time adjusting to his new environment. We believe Wallace was used as a yard dog in a garage or tied up outside his entire life. Long story short, Wallace is getting returned and needs a new home. He needs someone who is patient and will understand his hard life. Wallace does very well with other dogs.

Wallace is a true gem, who deserves nothing but the best. So please, help find Wallace his FOREVER home this time!!

Contact: helnc5313@aol.com

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