Thursday, April 8, 2010


Please meet Daisy, she is a 3 or 4 yr old female pitbull who was found wandering a road in Lehman, PA.  A good hearted person has taken her in temporarily because  she approached another stranger that could not help her at all, however Daisy refused to be left there to die. Daisy is dog aggressive at this point. She must find a reputable rescue, foster, or adopter ASAP. She can not be kept where she is due to her dog aggressive behavior coupled with the 2 dogs that currently live in the home. Daisy was taken to a vet clinic today where she received all of her vaccinations and was given an exam. The Dr. said her heart is sluggish, she is underweight, and appears to be that of a trained fighting dog that was set loose. She does have a friendly temperament with people and did not give any problems at the vet while being vaccinated or checked over. If you or anyone you know may be able to help Daisy please contact Christine at ASAP! Daisy's time is limited, please do not let her die-she must be rescued, adopted, or fostered ASAP!!!

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