Thursday, April 8, 2010

Urgent help needed in MD, please see post for contact

This is a crosspost, use contact info in post if you can help!

A beautiful child friendly pitbull was running around in our neighborhood for 3 days. She was in desperate need of care. After asking around and observing her condition I knew
I had to do something immediately. Because I already own 4 dogs 2 babies and 2 seniors, one of which is very senior, I just could not take her in my home. Rather then see her
wonder the streets starving and in need of medical care I (now reluctantly) called the Millersville ASPCA. What I did not realize at the time was that they DONOT adopt out any
Pit Bulls. They either have to be picked up by the owner (hopefully not) or a rescue. Knowing that a rescue is my only hope I am sending out a plea to all who will listen. I did
one rescue willing to get her out and give her medical attention. Unfortunately though they have absolutely no fosters for her. I was even willing to buy her dog food. Since then I
have been desperately seeking rescues and or fosters. She only has until April 8 for an owner to claim her and not much time after for a rescue to obtain her. I hope you
see why this is such and URGENT situation, This dog is to sweet and loving to be put down at such a young age.

Pleaase I ask for anyone who has room in there home or hearts for this beutiful dog to please consider saving her life. She ws sooo thin when I found her you could see her ribs
spine, and hip bones. She had what looked like pink eye in both eyes, long toe nails and worms, and yet after being so neglected she was one of the sweetest dogs I have
had the pleasure of loving.

Snowflake, as my 7 year old daughter called her (which I thnk fit her perfect not just for her color but her quite gentleness). In my opinion she seemed to be pretty young 1 or 2.
She is all white except for 2 brindle ears. She appeared to be spayed as she had what looked like a scar. A very gentle spirit. She drew all the kids in the neighborhood to her
side. At one time there was 7 or 8 kids in my front yard surrounding her and she just rolled over and let them pet her tummy, and ate up every ounce of love she was getting.
Starving for every ounce of that love. My heart just broke when the shelter came for her and her sad eyes seemed to say WHY? It broke my heart and 5 days later still does, I
am so desperate to find this dog a home.

If Anyone, anyone out there can help PLEASE contact me by phone or email. If I am not home please leave a message, I will get intouch with you right away. If you can not
take her please pass on this message to anyone you think may be able to help her.
Thank you Again

Trish Groh

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