Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At least 5 dogs seized in raid to be euthanized

Another follow up to the dog fighting bust in South Carolina that I have been blogging. Please click the link for the full story.


  1. it sucks that as an advanced society we cannot treat animals with the dignity they deserve...

    we rescued the TuckMonster (tucker) a lab mix 5 months or so ago, my sixth rescue dog...only one furrbaby in this house now...our last two (a brother and sister) died last year about 5 months apart..

    tucker writes my blog every tuesday, i write the rest of the week..and we are donating half our adsense revenue to the Safe Haven Humane Society in Ionia MI. as soon as Google cuts me a check (cuz we hit the adsense min last month) i will be cutting a check to feels good to give are on my blogroll...i hope it helps

    thanks for what you do...

  2. thanks for what you do to contribute!!! if only everyone could put forth some sort of effort.
    thank you for following my blog, i will follow yours as well! :)